Emanuele Giannelli


Emanuele Giannelli is an internationally recognized contemporary sculptor, especially after the installation of “Mr Arbitrium” – one of his most significant works, almost 6 meters tall – in Ukraine, in support of peace and all Ukrainian artists.

Born in 1962, just before turning twenty Giannelli moved from Rome to Carrara, the marble capital in Tuscany, and in 198 he graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts with top honors. It was during those years that he began to gradually distance himself from classical currents, while simultaneously embracing a more stimulating approach to contemporary sculpture, fueled by his increasing interest in industrial culture and experiences in cities like Berlin, New York, and London. As an artist, Giannelli evolved by experimenting with materials such as bronze and resin, and he explored new sculptural techniques with fervent curiosity and awareness.

Today, Giannelli is an established artist with a long history of exhibitions and installations both in Italy and abroad: Milan, Florence, Majorca, Lviv, Venice, Parma, Lucca, Brescia, and Lecce are just a few of the cities that have enthusiastically hosted the sculptor's work. And many more will come.

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Realistic and provocative, a contemporaneity investigator.