The Jewelry Collection


Twelve unique and inimitable pieces of jewelry. Miniature works of art that create a contemporary style, experimenting with shapes and combinations. There are six necklaces, three chain or stud earrings, and three cufflinks in the current Giannelli Gioielli collection, all featuring the sculptor's most iconic works: Korf17, Kiribati, The Watcher, Aviatore, Dizzy, and Mr. Jeak.

Each piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted by Vito Giannelli, a young artisan goldsmith who graduated from the Academy of Goldsmith Arts in Florence and has significant experience in Pietrasanta, a town where he has improved his craftsmanship and technique. Each piece is made to order, has a limited edition, and is sold with an authenticity certificate that attests its value as a jewel and as a work of art.

The available materials are: 925 Sterling Silver and 18-carat Gold.

It's no longer just about admiring a work of art, its about wearing it.